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Learning at Home

Please click on the links below for ideas and activities that you can do at home with your child:

  • Advice on Home Learning

            o   Reading                   

                      Pre-Reading Skills

                    • Emergent Reading Skills

            o   Writing

             • Guidance and ideas on developing mark-making

                                   Grocery Tower (pre-NC)

                                  • Home-made shaker (pre-NC)  

                                  • How many cups capacity (pre-NC)

                                  • Positional language - in on under (pre-NC)

                                   Sorting by type (pre-NC)

             o   Activities for children working at lower NC levels and advice for parents/carers

                                  • Coin recognition (Lower KS1)         

                                  • Family writing (Lower KS1)           

                                  • Home-made Puzzle (Lower KS1)         

                                  • Target Ball Game (Lower KS1)

                                  • Alphabet Toys (Lower KS1)     

                                  • Build the same - brick activity (Lower KS1)      

                                  • Guess capacity (Lower KS1)              

                                  • Positional language (Lower KS1)        

                                  • Sock Pairing (Lower KS1)

  • Useful Websites

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