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Our Classes

There are 145 pupils on roll at Russet House School. They are taught in 19 classes of 7–8 pupils, and each class is supported by a full time teacher and 2-3 full time teaching assistants.

17 of our classes are on our main school site and we have 2 more classes in our satellite provision based in Suffolks Primary School.

The classes are organised in to ‘phases’ each of which is overseen by a Phase Leader:

Phase 1 classes:

          - Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Sapphire, Ruby

Phase 2 classes:

         - Emerald, Diamond, Bronze, Gold

Phase 3 classes:

          - Silver, Pink, Red, Purple

Phase 4 classes:

          - Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Aqua

Russet at Suffolks classes:  

          - Coral, Amethyst