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Work with Therapists and Other Professionals

At Russet House School our class-based staff work collaboratively with the therapists and a range of additional professionals to provide the best possible support for pupils.

Speech and Language Therapist:

Pupils at Russet House are currently supported by our full time Speech and Language Therapist and two part time Speech and Language Therapists.  All our Speech and Language Therapists are funded by the local health authority.

All pupils are supported by the Speech and Language Therapy Therapist via delivery of training to staff, communication meetings between the class teacher and the therapist, and by teachers accessing the onsite therapist for advice as needed. At certain points some children may require additional support with their communication. This means they may be seen by the Speech and Language Therapist for additional assessment and/or intervention in class for a specified time (e.g. once a week for 3-4 weeks).  The Speech and Language Therapist will work closely with the class team to make sure that strategies continue to be used by the class team following assessment / intervention.

Occupational Therapy provision:

At Russet House we use sensory approaches and techniques to help the children to manage their arousal levels and own sensory needs within the school environment. Our Occupational Therapist trains and advises class based staff regarding strategies which help the pupils to do this.

Some children may require a higher level of support for a short period of time. The Occupational Therapist may asses a child in the sensory gym and then provide strategies and advice regarding how class based staff can support the child either in the sensory gym or in the classroom.

Our Occupational Therapy Assistant, who has many years’ experience, supports in school half a day per week and supports staff to implement sensory strategies in class.

We are currently in the process of trying to recruit an Occupational Therapist – please see the advert on our website/ Our School/ Vacancies.

Work with additional Multi-Agency professionals

The school works closely with numerous additional, external professionals to support the needs of individual pupils. These include the School Nurse, Educational Psychologists, clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrists from the Service for Children and Adolescents for Neuro-developmental disorders (SCAN), the Joint Service for Disabled Children, Children’s Social Care (based at Cheviots Children’s Centre for Disabled Children) and the Community Occupational Therapy Service.